Nutrition Planning

Nutrition Planning

nutrition planningNutrition Planning and Metabolic Assessment

At Xtreme Fitness, we are here for all your fitness and nutrition needs. We can help you determine your goals with the use of our state of the art Inbody 270 body composition analyzer. We offer metabolic assessment and nutrition planning with the use of the Inbody 270. The Inbody 270 is one of the most accurate and non-invasive tools on the market today.  The technology of this scale uses electrodes to determine your body composition. It will measure your fat, muscle, and water levels in less than a minute. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes to test.

We are able to utilize the results of the Inbody 270 to determine what percentage of body fat do you need to lose and what percent of muscle do you need to gain to meet your goals. The results will give you a detailed snapshot of your specific caloric needs as well as identifying your muscle mass, fat mass, & Basil Metabolic Rate- an indicator that is infinitely more meaningful than your Body Mass Index which makes vague assumptions about your weight relative to your height. Just a reminder that you will receive the most accurate testing when you refrain from eating

Our certified nutritionist and trainers are able to interpret the results of your Inbody testing and can build you a meal plan for a month. You will receive two weigh ins on the Inbody270, 1 month of meal plans, and a mid-month weight check in. Here are the packages available to member’s link:

If you’re just interested in receiving a print out to spot check your performance, we are able to do that as well. A print out is $25 for members. This will allow you to spot check your performance. As your body sheds fat and builds muscle, your Basil Metabolic Rate changes and so should your nutrition and eating behaviors.

You can find more pricing on nutrition at our package page Pricing