Indoor Cycling

schwinn bike


At Xtreme Fitness, you will find extraordinary Indoor Cycling instructors and classes. Xtreme Cycling classes are complete with motivational instructors and high energy music.  Each instructor has their own unique style but all classes are 60 minutes and set to music.  You can burn between 500-1000 calories in a single class. All you need is water and a towel.  Classes now have Heart Rate Monitors available for purchase and tv monitors in class to view your results! You will receive your results after each class to your email address. Make sure to come to class well hydrated and fueled. Come prepared to break and sweat and have fun while doing it! We also now have a new class called Xtreme Cycle and Circuit. Giving you the best of both worlds! Check out that class here.

Your first class is always FREE at Xtreme Fitness!