Xtreme Cycling

Xtreme Cycling
Difficulty Level 75%
Fat Loss Effectiveness 85%
Strength Building 60%
Fun 77%

Indoor Cycling

Xtreme Cycling is an indoor cycling class that is a fast pace, high intensity, energizing, 60-minute class design to burn calories, tighten and tone legs, strengthen the core, and improve cardiovascular health. Riders will experience sprints, climbs, jumps, and much more, all done to high energy, motivating, beat driven music. Riders may burn up to 800 calories in a single class. Make sure to bring plenty of water and a towel! This class will make you sweat!

We are very proud of our Cycling room! With our state of the art Schwinn IC2 Indoor cycling bikes and “area renown” instructors, you’ll find a routine and music like you’ve never experienced.

This class is designed for beginners up to elite athletes. Take your body to the Xtreme, with Xtreme Cycling.


600-900 kcal burned • 60 minutes

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