xtreme butts and guts


Join us for Butts & Guts! Designed to strengthen and tone your core, glutes, and thighs, this class is a super effective workout that will transform your body! This class is a member favorite! Tone and shape your backside while strengthening and sculpting your abs… need we say more?

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Xtreme Fitness and Cycling extreme boxing


BOXING A nonstop, 30 minute, total body workout. Xtreme Boxing and Core combines heavy bag work, throwing punches at striking mitts and a body protector, as well as a variety of abdominal exercises, designed to tone and strengthen your entire body. Burn up to 400 calories in a single 30-minute class. Take your body to […]

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Xtreme Fitness and Cycling Xtreme Afterburn


A nonstop 45-minute, high intensity, full-body metabolic workout.  Xtreme Metabolic Meltdown will not only increase your strength but also your cardiovascular conditioning, agility, power, balance and speed. During the class participants will complete as many rounds as possible in the 45 minutes at their own pace. Participants can burn up to 600 calories during a […]

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Xtreme Fitness Cycling Studio Group Classes St. Petersburg Fl 33704 Function Trainers 820x400


High intensity training consisting of short intermittent bouts of high intensity functional exercises that involve acceleration, deceleration, and stabilization of your entire body in all three planes of motion. Followed by a longer, less intense recovery period of exercise. This will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic systems, igniting your metabolism to burn more calories and […]

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Xtreme Fitness Cycling Studio Group Classes St. Petersburg Fl 33704 Fit Trainer 820x400


STRENGTH CLASS Xtreme Strength class is a group fitness class that focuses on increasing overall strength. This class focuses on all of the major muscles using barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, and cable and plate loaded machines. Xtreme Strength is broken up into upper body and lower body workouts, that is performed on different days. Both […]

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Which Is Better – Running or Spinning 2


Xtreme Cycling and Circuit is a 45 minute group fitness class consisting of half weight training and half indoor cycling. We focus on challenging all muscles throughout this training session to guarantee a total body workout. Class includes a cycling session that is sure to leave you burning calories well after class. Great for every […]

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Xtreme Fitness Cycling Studio Group Classes St. Petersburg Fl 33704 Indoor Cycling 820x400


INDOOR CYCLING Xtreme Cycling is an indoor cycling class that is a fast pace, high intensity, energizing, 60-minute class design to burn calories, tighten and tone legs, strengthen the core, and improve cardiovascular health. Riders will experience sprints, climbs, jumps, and much more, all done to high energy, motivating, beat driven music. Riders may burn […]

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