Furthering Your Goals With DNA Fitness Testing

4 Ways DNA Fitness Testing Can Further Your Goals

What is DNA fitness testing? Simply put the test will analyze your DNA and return with data on how over 40 genes are related directly your personal fitness, health, nutrition, and wellness. Once the DNA results are complete, it is combined with environmental data, meaning your height, weight, diet, etc, for a comprehensive analysis.

Taking the DNA fitness test is a first step towards learning more about yourself, your abilities, and what lifestyle changes you can make to lead a better, healthier life.

Furthering Your Goals With DNA Fitness Testing

  • Help To Determine And Plan The Proper Diet Suited To Your Body. It is fully possible to have food sensitivities that don’t always present as an allergic reaction? Perhaps you experience a headache after eating a certain food, bloating, fatigue, or other symptoms that don’t alert you to the larger problem.? A DNA wellness test will provide information about what nourishments should be in your eating routine and what to cut and avert. You will see remarkable results such as weight reduction, more vitality, better rest, and consistency when you find the right diet for you.
  • Determine Exercises That Will Be Most Beneficial. You may think all activity is equal, however,  that is not generally the situation. There are activities are superior to your body, while some can cause serious harm to your body. This is especially valid for individuals with certain conditions such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and other medical issues. Despite how your body reacts to different exercises or what conditions you may be suffering from, a DNA test will demonstrate exactly which one is best for you and which may have no positive effect.
  • Help You Know Your Limits. You will find out about the natural limits your body may have when you take the DNA Fitness Test. You will be able to determine and understand how your body reacts and responds both positively or negatively to things such as workout volume, repetition, and tempo. You’ll understand what tires your body and what energizes it and helps it grow stronger. In addition, you can optimize your muscle size and strength over time simply by learning what parts of the body need more work, less work, and which need a certain amount of time and attention for optimal results. This will give you the option to appreciate how your body responds and react to practice volume, redundancy, and mood. A few limits can be squeezed against and modified, while others ought to be regarded and respected.
  • Help You Learn What Deficiencies You Have And What Supplements Are Needed. It seems logical that different bodies can have different deficiencies, and different vitamins and supplements are important for filling in the blanks and providing help where help is needed. A DNA test can help you learn what vitamins and supplements your body is craving to maintain health. With this information, you can learn what foods you need to eat more of, what medications to take or stop taking, and what vitamins and supplements to add to your everyday routine.

The Takeaway

Most of us are aware of the basics of securing health and wellness such as a nutritious diet, hydrating properly, and getting enough sleep. DNA testing can tell you more about the practices that are good for you specifically and help you improve your goals for a healthy life.

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