Having A Positive Mindset Can Equal Results With Your Fitness Goals

Having A Positive Mindset Can Equal Results With Your Fitness Goals

How A Positive Mindset Can Equal Results With Your Fitness Goals

Sometimes it’s the numbers on the scale, other times it’s a single glance in the mirror or just a lack of energy that motivates us to work towards being healthier and making healthier choices.

We’ve all been there. In the beginning, it is easy to be vigilant towards being healthy, but over time the motivation starts to diminish and the old habits and conditioned behaviors start creeping back in.

Maintaining motivation is a challenge, and a big part of the challenge might be you and what’s going on inside your head. Don’t give up, consider these tips to keep that positive mindset that will help you stay the course and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Tips For A Positive Fitness Mindset

  • Be realistic with your goals. It’s great to be excited about changing your physique but you need to be realistic. It’s better to set a more modest goal and see it through to the end than to set out for an overly ambitious goal and give up a few weeks after you start. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself, just be sure you can achieve the goals and use that momentum to push you forward.  Definitely don’t be afraid to adjust as you go.
  • Surround yourself with those of a like mind.  Have a supporting cast behind the scenes that will push you and help you stay on track. Don’t be afraid to use the motivation you see in those around you to motivate you. In return, do the same for them! Take note of the people in your life who enthusiastically support you, and those who are suspicious or doubtful of your lifestyle changes.
  • Choose yourself and learn your worth.  It is not selfish to choose yourself. In fact, everyone in your life benefits from your health and wellness. Who in your life benefits from you feeling unhappy, brain fogged, moody, and sluggish? All day long we are bombarded with images and running commentary telling us how we are “supposed” to look. It is important to strive for improvements but you must always remember that you can only do it for you, not for anyone else.  There is nothing more valuable in this world that being the best you possible.
  • Keep your mind clear and free of worry. The mind is perfectly happy spinning its wheels envisioning all the ways things can go wrong in your life. This type of preoccupation can blossom into anxiety, worry, depression, or full-blown panic. Keep paper and a pen by your bedside so you can write down anxious thoughts that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Regular meditation, even for just five minutes a day, is another way to calm anxious thoughts and elevate your mood.
  • Celebrate your goals when you reach them. This may be last to list but it might be the most important. You worked hard to achieve those goals. You committed time, effort, or maybe even spent money on food, supplements or a gym membership. So when you reach those goals, celebrate them! Enjoy yourself and the moment. That success and joy will motivate you to go further and will help you stay focused.

The Takeaway

Major mindset changes will not happen overnight. You’ve spent years developing specific mental habits and it’s unrealistic to expect that they will suddenly dissolve. But when you actively begin to assess and improve the patterns of thought that might be holding you back, you’ll find that all aspects of wellness start to get easier.

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