The Benefits Of Wearable Fitness Technology

There is no doubt about it that the lack of physical activity can lead to a lot of personal and health issues which include weight gain, low productivity, and mental illness. On the other hand, regular exercise can help you in preventing and even solving most of these problems. Activities like, walking, swimming, running and even fidgeting in your seat can help in boosting your overall health. Therefore, you need to be constantly active and exercise regularly.

One of the popular ways of tracking your progress is to use fitness trackers. Depending on the functionality of the tracker, you can track calories, heart rate, distance traveled, number of steps and sleep. Some trackers even offer GPS tracking to map your distance and plan your pace. Fitness trackers can, therefore, help you in incrementally improving your fitness. It gives you a set of objectives to complete daily and hence provides an incentive to do better.

The Benefits Of Wearable Fitness Technology

  • Personal accountability

Fitness trackers allow you to compete with yourself. Fitness trackers help you in tracking your progress and goals. This psychologically encourages you to run faster than you did the previous day, walk more steps than the previous days, and maintain that peak heart rate for longer a period than the previous day. This can allow you to intensify your training and get more out of it. Research studies show that wearing a fitness tracker an average person’s activity levels increase by at least 30%.

  • Up-to-date weight loss tool

When you are busy trying to maintain and beat your personal records, you might not notice the loss of gain in your body weight. This can be a serious hindrance in achieving your weight goal. If you decide to invest in a fitness tracker than you will be able to notice your heart rate and other metrics which will give you a good idea about your current body weight. This will allow you to effectively measure your progress and determine if you are on the right track.

  • Group dynamic

A key component of physical activity is personal motivation. But most people tend to perform better when they get to compete with others. Most of the fitness trackers today come with modules for supporting social media applications. Hence, you get to post your progress on your favorite platform. You will also be able to interact with your fellow users and this healthy competition will encourage you to perform better.

  • Incentives promote activity in the workplace

Fitness is no longer a personal habit or hobby. Companies and workplaces are encouraging employees to maintain and adopt a healthy lifestyle. And workplaces offer incentives for this. For instance, Richardson Software promised their employees to reimburse the cost of their fitness tracker if they walked one million steps. This encouraged employees to use their spare time to walk around which is a very healthy thing. If your company has such a program then you should take advantage of that. If that’s not the case then you should step up and pitch this idea to your administration.

The Takeaway

All in all, the benefits of wearable technology is to track its steps, as well as tracking and monitoring heart rate and even sleep. They can improve personal safety, encouraging self-monitoring & personal responsibility and creating awareness about your operating levels.

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