Tips For Reaching Your New Years Fitness Goals

Tips For Reaching Your New Years Fitness Goals

Tips To Attain Your New Years Fitness Goals

Hopping on the New Year’s Resolution fitness bandwagon may seem cliché, especially if you’ve done it before, only to find yourself on the couch every night come February. Don’t worry, though: you are not alone.

On January 1, most Americans named weight loss as their number one New Year’s resolution. Another fact: By the end of this week, roughly 25% of those people will give up on that goal. By February, that number rises to one third. Come June, it’s more than 50%.

So how do you pick New Year’s resolutions that are attainable and will keep you motivated well past the first two weeks?

Tips To Reach Your New Years Fitness Goals

  • Get a workout buddy. You may know someone in your life who resolved to start exercising in the New Year. Begin your fitness journey together. It will increase your chances for success and you’ll have more fun. For this to work, you have to find an exercise that both of you enjoy.
  • Change behavior reasonably. We all have bad habits. However, trying to change more than one bad behavior at a time can be a recipe for failure. Decide which goal is your priority. Focusing on one goal at a time can improve your chance at success.
  • Be realistic. One of the biggest problems with New Year’s resolutions is they can be extremely impractical. Setting realistic goals is important because knowing you can attain your goal helps keep up your motivation. A realistic goal is a goal you know you can achieve, even if it might take a lot of work or time to accomplish.
  • Appreciate and be kind to yourself. Recovery and a healthy mindset are as important as the sweat sessions. Make sure to take that seriously this year. Practicing self-love often takes hard work, and no day will be 100 percent perfect. It’s all about making the conscious decision to look in the mirror and point out the parts of yourself that are incredible.
  • Use an App. Most of us are already on our phones most of the time anyway, so why not download just one fitness app to help guide you through your gym goals for the new year?
  • Get a personal trainer. Trainers are in the prime position to assist and facilitate those dreams into becoming reality. The can help keep you motivated, make sure you are performing exercises properly and introduce you to new ideas to keep things fresh and interesting.
  • Just move your body. Including movement in your everyday routine is a great place to start when it comes to crafting fitness resolutions for the new year. Find some type of movement that you enjoy doing, and do that. Doing what truly makes you happy is the key to crafting a workout routine that seems less like work, and more like fun.

The Takeaway

Creating a workout plan for yourself and sticking to it is hard. Work, family, and responsibility get in the way, and no matter how strong your intentions are, you’re likely to get sidetracked at some point.

As you work toward your goals, focus on the positives instead. Change can be hard and stressful. Don’t punish yourself or give up altogether because you have a bad day or two. Get right back on that proverbial horse and keep going.

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