Tips To Stay Motivated For Fitness This Fall

4 Tips To Stay Fitness Motivated This Fall

We all know what happens… We surface from winter hibernation and get tossed into the season of TV ads, bathing suit sales and local gyms. All of these serve to remind us to get in shape before warmer weather arrives.

We spend all spring and summer working out and motivated by more sun and fun only for fall to arrive and the summer motivation plummets.

Tips To Stay Motivated For Fitness This Fall

  • Treat Yourself To The Seasons New Gear. It is a challenge to motivate yourself to exercise as the temperatures begin to drop. Taking the time to make sure you have all the necessary gear and will be exercising in comfort can be a great motivator!  Lightweight jackets are great for running, layering options and comfortable pants not to mention a new hat. Updating your style and being prepared for the changing weather will get you out and moving without fear.
  • Find Someone To Be Accountable To. Motivating yourself to work out can be challenging when the seasons are changing and the weather is unpredictable. By finding a work out buddy you will have a reason to be accountable, regardless of the weather.  Workout partners can push you harder, and encourage you to try new things as we each have our own individual strengths to share. As a bonus, it is always more fun to spend time with a friend rather than being alone.
  • Learn To Embrace The Darkness. Darkness can indeed be a barrier simply because it isn’t appealing. When you have your alarm set for 6 or 7 AM, look and, and see that it is still pitch black, it can be easy to roll over and go back to sleep. If you will be outside for your workout then it is important to be prepared and be visible. Remember that reflective gear and flashing lights are necessary for those also outside to see you. Plan ahead and see when sunrise and sun fall will be so you don’t get caught unprepared. If you are concerned about the dangers of working out early in the morning or at night, the best thing is to do so in a group.
  • Set A Goal. Leading up to summer, the main priority for many of us is to ensure that we working towards achieving and maintaining our beach-ready body. Autumn can provide a great time to focus on other areas of improvement. Maybe you would like to improve your endurance or flexibility, take this change of season to also change your fitness goals.

The Takeaway

Summer is coming to an end and can be viewed in two different ways.  On one side, there are great seasonal caffeinated beverages available and sweater weather to enjoy. On the other side, we have those who find the thought of giving up happy hour margaritas, sunshine, and pool time just plain depressing. Either way, you can use these motivational tips to make the best of it and continue with your fitness goals.

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