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Olga Kiryakova


Certifications and Qualifications:

American Heart Association CPR/AED,

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor,

High Vibration Living RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Olga specializes in functional movement training. She develops programs tailored to each client’s specificities including body structure, injuries (current and/or previous), personal goals/preferences, availability (time and honest commitment intentions) and current fitness level.

If you are ready to make a commitment to your health, Olga will guide you towards attaining your goals by selecting the best route for your unique body, character and life. Your goals may include betterment of muscle mass, fat percentage, strength, stability, agility, energy levels, mood, appearance, endurance, the way your clothes fit, confidence or even your outlook on challenges you face in life and fitness. Whatever your goals are Olga will help you level up the process of getting there one rep, one step and one meal at a time!

Olga has 20+ years of experience in her personal fitness journey ranging from ballroom dancing to yoga and weight lifting. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge through her journey of switching main and cross-training disciplines. Her experiments and mistakes have helped to deepen her understanding of motion, nutrition and mindset to better support and guide you towards your personal vision and goals.

Olga’s mission is to inspire people to commit to and create their most fulfilling and healthy lives through physical fitness. You can expect challenging but enjoyable training sessions that will lead to enhanced movement patterns to correct or improve existent issues, provide a better range of motion and build strength. These gains will enhance the life you choose to live and lead you to be excited, proud and thankful for the body you are in!

“I believe in smart training based on the science of exercise, proper warm up, fire up, load, correct progressions, cool down and recovery. I will always have an answer to “why” we are doing a particular exercise.

I’m extremely fortunate to have received my RYT 200 certification from one of the best yoga teacher training schools in Tampa Bay. Paired with my personal training certification, it enables me to have a well-rounded and informed perspective on your personalized training approach from both a physical and mental level.

I work with clients that have injuries and those that do not. Client’s injuries that I have helped with include herniated disks, deterioration of spinal vertebrae, torn rotator cuff and more. These types of injuries can be addressed with right actions and right movements to improve your current condition. After discussing your injuries, if I am not the right person for you, I can likely point you in the right direction.

I believe in gradually building attainable, sustainable, and enjoyable lifestyle habits (a treasure chest or a tool box) that is congruent with a client’s ever changing and ascending goals. The pace of work, programming and the speed of progress will always be very different for each client. My approach brings the best, most fulfilling and ironically, the fastest results with clients of all ages, gender and weight groups. Do I believe in intense jump starts or intense segments of programming tailored to boost the process and deliver faster results? Yes! Absolutely! If that serves the client and can be implemented safely for that stage. Most important is the programming that is sustainable, effective and efficient; A model of work for a healthy, happy, long and rich life of joy and achievement that we all long for.”

Think well, move well and be well!


Set your body in the right motion today!