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Tricina Brown


Tricina Brown has been a Certified Personal Trainer at Xtreme Fitness and Cycling since August 2019. She became a member of the Xtreme Fit Family many years before that when she joined us for group fitness and spin at our original St. Petersburg location in 2011.

Tricina’s passion for fitness began at the age of 13 when she fell in love with power lifting. A lifetime struggle with weight and stress management pushed Tricina to seek out a lifestyle that would help her to achieve and later maintain a healthy balance. Fueling with whole, unprocessed food and the least amount of chemical additives in all household and beauty products is also a passion that drives Tricina’s fitness goals. She is passionate about one’s relationship with food and will work hard with clients to lead them on a journey to intuitive eating and adequate self-care.

Tricina believes in the benefits of functional fitness, metabolic conditioning and proper nutrition. Each one of these fuel her own fitness journey and she relishes in sharing this knowledge.