Xtreme Fitness and Cycling Spine Stretch

Spine Stretch


  • Back


  • Back


  • Beginner


  • Stretches the lower back

Not Advisable if you have

  • Back problems

1 Lie on your back with your left leg straight and the right leg bent, placing your right foot on your left shin.

2 Keeping both shoulders on the floor, slowly bring your right leg across your body until you feel the stretch in the area between your lower back and hips. Stretch only as far as your shoulders will allow without one of them rising from the floor.

3 Hold for 15 seconds. Repeat the sequence three times on each side.

Do it Right

  • Make sure your lower back remains relaxed.


  • Allowing your shoulders to lift off the floor.

Best For

  • quadratus lumborum
  • erector spinae


Bold text indicates target muscles Grey text indicates other working muscles * indicates deep muscles

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